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Laserbeam Kitty™ features local and national artists’ work. There is an emphasis on interactive art that brings the creative process into light for party goers and whenever possible encourages those observing to take an active role. Mediums vary from photography and live painting to performance art. LBK wants to create an experience where everyone in attendance can engage in sensory overload…zapped by the lasers of invention.

If you are an artist and would like to be a part of Laserbeam Kitty™, please email We welcome out of the box ideas and interactive approaches to any art form.

Rose Riot Photography

Rose Riot Photography

Rose Riot Photography covers lowbrow subjects and obscure oddities such as wrestlers, rock stars and punk rock models in unique settings. She captures the emotion of her subjects and allows her photography to tell stories, whether the shots be moments of live action or portraits of sexy scenseters and robots. No matter how dark the setting or ominous the mood, Rose Riot is able to pull color and humor out of just about any situation.

LBK Robots

Laserbeam Kitty™ has a growing army of robots that travel from the far reaching corners of the universe (or at least the city) to forge an intergalactic dance party each month. Come to LBK roboticized..…party perks are always included for our robots.

Rob Hare

Rob Hare

Rob loves making videos and uni-cycling with friends.

Past Artists

Aesthetic Cataclysm

Mikhail Ally

Sarah Cavalcanti

Christopher Chambers

Cousin Dan

Dante DeStefano

Chris Diamond


Sergio Garzon

Chris Hamer

Taylor Jacobsen

Erick Jara

Jennifer Swizenski

Rachel Marshall

Metatron Meson

William Morand


Kris Pilcher

Lakshmi “Lucky” Polavarapu

Lucha Rodriguez


Brett W. Thompson

Jeremy Worst