About The Band

Critic’s & Reader’s Pick  “Best Electronic Band of Atlanta 2010″ Creative Loafing

Reader’s Pick “Best Electronic Band of Atlanta 2011″ Creative Loafing

“There’s a revolution going on in Atlanta. SONEN, along with a few others, are dragging it out into the light.” - BoomBoomChick

SONEN, the Atlanta, GA electro-pop duo made up of Keith Evans and Holly Mullinax, make music you wouldn’t expect to come from a city known for Hip Hop and Garage Rock.  Yet ATL has a rich underground music and art scene that is both inspiring and exciting, and it’s in that creative incubator that SONEN came to be. The group’s deeply resonant bass lines, vintage tinged strings and harmonious male-female vocals come together to form a seductive, compelling sound that will consume listeners entirely and leave them sweaty and satisfied.

Following a 2010 EP release, SONEN shared the stage with artists such as Diplo, STRFKR, Flying Lotus, Dam Funk, and Casio Kids; developing a reputation for, as The Big Beat so astutely observed, “turning the kids into a sweaty mess”.

When the time came for SONEN to create their debut full length, Inside the Sun, Creative Loafing’s “Best Electronic Band of Atlanta” took a multifaceted approach to the project. The duo set out to capture the excitement of their live performances (in 2012, the duo added drummer Noel Goff to the lineup to bring another layer of energy to their live show,) and combine that rapturous energy with a more intimate, alluring tone; hoping to not only compel listeners to dance, but to move them to feel.

Inside the Sun was conceptualized, written and recorded in two drastically different settings, and the album reflects that dichotomy.  Splitting time between their studio in the heart of ATL and a secluded lake house in the mountains of North Carolina, Inside the Sun finds the band moving deep into the electronic realm yet tempering the harder edges with moaning analog synthesizers, carefully developed tension, and purposeful melodies; creating a sound that is both thoughtfully dynamic and equally at home on packed dance floors.

The band won Creative Loafing “Best Electronic Act of Atlanta” award from Critics and Readers in 2010 and 2011. They have been described by Frequency Magazine as “self-serious but danceable, polished but organic, SONEN’s sound is made up of all the right choices; Joy Division-esque post punk borrowed previously by Interpol mixes with something like the electro-pop bliss of The Postal Service to give the band a sonic identity all its own.”

—  Indie Rock Cafe

“Akin to Handsome Furs meets LCD Soundsystem meets Queens Of The Stone Age, their latest EP is an eight-song strong belter, running through sullen vocals and atmospheric synths, to murky basslines and three-dimensional beats that’ll get you dancing and taking shit easy from one song to the next.”
—  Listen Before You Buy  
“One thing is for sure, Atlanta, GA based Sonen will keep your bodies moving all night with their electronica dance grooves all while applying the fundamentals of Rock & Roll to their get-down-and-boogy dance-rock sound….”

—  The Silver Tongue

“…Sonen is poised for a breakout, and soon.”
—  Boom Boom Chick
“There’s a new wave revolution going on in Atlanta. This band, Sonen, along with a few others, are dragging it out into the light. There are a couple of tunes on Sonen’s recently released new EP, Devious Device, that exemplify that revolution, though the synthpop influx is also strong. “Outta Line” is slow and pressing, with lots of stereo panned low-end sounds. The turns are confident and patient. “Wake Up” carries a warm vacancy, with its contrast of empty vocal pockets and pockets of harmonizing color, matched with super reverberating guitar one-noters, the kind of which sprinkle this record entire…”


Keith Evans: Vocals, Synth, Guitar, Bass
Holly Mullinax: Vocals, Synth, Percussion
Noel Goff: Drums


“Inside the Sun” LP- April 9, 2013
“Devious Device” EP